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Dungeon Renovation Simulator Game Art

Developer: Giant Cat Games

Publisher: Giant Cat Games

Release Date: Q2 2024 - Early Access

Platforms: PC



Dungeon Renovation Simulator is an indie game that combines the satisfaction of cleaning with the
allure of medieval fantasy exploration. In this physics-based simulation, players step into
the shoes of
a Goblin tasked with restoring ancient dungeons, castles, and mystical realms to their former glory.
As they clean and refurbish these environments, they uncover hidden stories, unravel mysteries, and
ultimately seek to lift a curse that binds them.

Gameplay Highlights

Cleaning as Exploration: Players engage in cleaning tasks from a first-person perspective, fully
immersing themselves in the game world. The act of cleaning becomes a form of exploration, as
players unveil hidden treasures and secrets.

Linear Progression: The game follows a linear level progression, with each location offering unique
challenges and mysteries to uncover. Players must clean, solve puzzles, and collect artifacts to

Unique Art Style: Dungeon Renovation Simulator boasts a captivating art style inspired by medieval
fantasy art and architecture. The visuals capture the grandeur of the past while adding a touch of



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